Homemade cheese made from the Lăptăria cu Caimac milk

Although there are around 900 types of cheese around the world, our favorite remains the creamy and tasty homemade cheese.

It is a rich source of calcium and highly nutritious, and can be easily consumed with fruits or other cold appetizers, or it can be used as a main ingredient in various savory and sweet recipes.

The recipe we propose today is as simple as possible, to allow you to enjoy the authentic taste of homemade cheese, given by the milk and yogurt from Lăptăria cu Caimac!


  • 2 liters of cow milk from Lăptăria cu Caimac
  • 190g of small yogurt from Lăptăria cu Caimac


  1. Heat the milk over medium heat and wait until it gets warm enough to hold your finger in it, around 40-45°C. Asta înseamnă o temperatură în jur de 40-45°C.
  2. Reduce the heat to low and add a small yogurt. Stir well with a wooden spoon. Slightly increase the heat, without going over medium, and let it simmer until the cheese curds separate from the clear whey. The whole process may take up to 40 minutes, during which you should stir occasionally with a wooden spoon.
  3. After the whey separates from the cheese, strain the cheese into a sieve, on a cheesecloth, and let it drain. Pour cold water over it and squeeze it well using the cheesecloth.
  4. Depending on how much liquid you leave to be drained, you can obtain a softer or harder cheese.
  5. Fresh homemade cheese can last around 2-3 days in the refrigerator.
  6. You can season it with salt and pepper and eat it on slices of toasted bread, with spring greens.



If you want the cheese to have a firmer texture, so that it won’t crumble when you cut it, make sure to drain all the water after pouring cold water over it.

This recipe was created by Alina Muntele, who used our 100% natural dairy products for the preparation of this delicious appetiser. We were excited to see how our products turned into dishes made with skill and respect for ingredients and taste! We would like to thank her for choosing us for this recipe and we are pleased to share it with you.


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