Specialty dairy products

Created by us with passion and responsibility, from cow’s milk that we feed on the best and take care of it with dedication. All our products are 100% integral, Romanian and natural. Safe dairy products of our times, made with respect for tradition, nature and people.

Cow’s milk

100% natural
3,8% - 4,1% fat
1 L

From our farm, we bring you fresh Cow’s Milk, packed in glass bottles within hours from milking, without air or human contact. That’s the reason why we built the dairy factory right across our farm. This milk is exactly as the cow gives it, whole, unstandardized, with a variable fat content between 3.8 and 4.1%. This makes it tasty and balanced, the way nature created it at its best. Even if spirits get high when coming to taste, we prefer to keep a low temperature for pasteurisation process and just for a few seconds, in order to preserve all the natural nutritive substances. 100% natural, without powder milk or other additives and only from our own farm, cow’s milk comes to you in glass bottles. We chose this material because we like to be transparent and use the best quality items in every step of the production process.

Natural yoghurt

100% natural
5% fat
from pasteurised milk
300 g

From tasty cow’s milk and a little cream we created natural yoghurt; only milk, cream and lactic cultures. We retained the sweet taste of milk in fresh and tasty yoghurt, with no powder milk, no preservatives or additives and no added proteins. We present it in sealed glass jars of 300g, not too much, not too little – better to have more than not to have enough!

Sana (ethnic product)

100% natural
3% fat
375 g

Discover our fine and creamy sana, perfect for a snack! Produced from good and moderately-fat milk (only 3% fat), this sana becomes the perfect match for a quick snack with a bagel or pastry. As it is a natural product with no milk powder, added protein, stabilisers or additives, the whey may separate. Just shake the bottle to mix it and it’s ready to drink.

Sour buttermilk

100% natural
2% fat
375 g

Here comes the sour buttermilk, in a minute you can drink! With only 2% fat and utterly delicious, this sour buttermilk is the fresh dose meant to stave off cravings and hunger, especially when “accompanied” by pastries or porridge. As it is a natural product with no milk powder, added protein, stabilisers or additives, the whey may separate. Just shake the bottle to mix it and it’s ready to drink. Check out your milk “moustache”!

Fresh cream

100% natural
33-36% fat
400 g

Being 100% natural, sourced from fresh milk from cows, the fine cream from Lăptăria cu caimac has no additives or stabilizers and is pasteurized at a low temperature. Having a slight smell of hay and a fine texture, thinner, but creamy enough to mesmerize you as soon as you open the lid, it will entice you to cook various meals, be them quick and easy, creamy, salty or sweet. Whether you were holding a whisk and you used this weapon to get the best and most dazzling display, adding also lemon squeeze to get the result you wanted, or you treated it gently and added it in a delicious pasta sauce, the fresh cream from Lăptăria cu caimac enables you to break boundaries, irrespective of your cooking experience. You can easily use it in sauces, soups, aromatic or spicy creams, desserts or ice creams. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Yoghurt of 10

100% natural
10% fat
190 g

100% natural, made from whole cow’s milk in which we added a little cream, without stabilizers or additives, pasteurized at low temperature.

With 10% fat, 10 yogurt from Lăptaria cu Caimac is a fine, creamy yoghurt with a sweet-sour taste. It has a firm curd and a rich, pleasant texture.

According to gourmets adult as well as small and energetic children with high caloric needs: when you are thinking of cream, but you would prefer something lighter.

Deliciously simple or with fresh or candied fruit, sweet or salty bakery products, biscuits, in soup, over polenta, papanas or sarmale.

“Chubby” sour cream

100% natural
33-36% fat
190 g

With the same care and passion to create new recipes, we created the “chubby” sour cream. Extracted from natural cow’s milk, it has a minimum of 33-36% fat. Unlike regular sour cream, it has a perfectly-balanced taste: not too sour and sweet enough. Tasty, very unctuous and ideal for bread spread, it even has kaymac – a top layer of cream thicker than the rest of it in the jar. Either on top of a portion of hot stuffed cabbage or fancily placed near cheese and polenta or incorporated in the finest cake cream, it must be used with moderation!

Little yoghurt

100% natural
2,7% fat
190 g

100% natural, with only 2,7% fat content, “iaurt mic” (little yoghurt) Lăptăria cu caimac has a fine, smooth texture and a balanced sour taste. Whether you choose it for breakfast, a fulfilling snack between meals, before hitting the gym or even dinner, iaurt mic (little yoghurt) addresses small appetites and cares for slim figures!

Iaurt mic (little yoghurt) is fresh, tasty and healthy. Try it plain or in any combination it crosses your mind: from chia seeds to cashew nuts, fruit, crackers or over your light tuna salad. It will soon become girls favorite: you can easily slip it in your office bag, or in your school bag. Don’t forget the spoon!

Ciocolată-n lapte

100% natural
from pasteurised milk
240 ml

RăsfățCiocolată-n lapte is the first product of the new range of desserts created by Lăptăria cu Caimac.

A dessert drink for moments you feel like being spoiled or to spoil someone dear made of genuine Belgian chocolate of single origin cocoa sustainably produced in Vietnam*.

100% natural & delicious, with a perfectly balanced sweetness, this drink can be enjoyed plain either warm, on a chilly morning with fresh bread and butter, or cold when you are thirsty, but you long for a treat as good as a cuddle.

The dark, creamy chocolate blends perfectly with the white, fresh, whole cow’s milk, to create a tasty, soft and rich treat, ready to drink.

First shake it firmly and get your energy kick!

It is a unique product and just like all of our other ones, it is 100% natural, with no additives, artificial flavours or preservatives.

It’s great for older kids, hype teenagers or adults with refined taste buds!

* Vietnam 73 is a single origin dark chocolate, with a distinguishable taste perfected by acid cocoa notes, alongside citrus, tobacco and wood aromas. It is a Trinitario cocoa beans chocolate , carefully selected from the Mékong Delta Region, fermented in special facilities, following strict fermentation standards.

Dried curd cheese

100% natural
from pasteurised milk
225 g

Dried curd cheese is the milk’s taste statement! We “convert” 12 litres of cow’s milk for each kilogram of curd cheese, to obtain its fine and pleasant taste, the way children prefer. With just a tiny bit of salt, after scalding it, we left it to dry for almost 2 weeks in order to make it creamy and worthy of its name. Choose it for nutritious snacks, sprinkle it over pizza or risotto or just have it as such, next to healthy vegetables. As you know by now, all our products are produced from natural milk and only from our own farm. We do not use powder milk, added protein, stabilisers or preservatives. Haven’t you tasted our Dried curd cheese yet?

Heart of cheese

100% natural
Combined Shape aged up to 60 days
made with pasteurized milk

With an intense taste of milk, miez de brânză is the goodness  of cheese, the very heart where you can even sense the kaymak.

After we let it age up to 60 days, we obtained a semi-hard  cheese, with a smooth and silky texture nested in a natural crust.

This cheese will surprise you from the moment you taste it with its delicate flavour and its creamy consistency. It will remind you of the best part of the cheese chunk that you always save for the last bite.

Cut it in little cubes on a platter for a friends night over accompanied by cool white or red wine. Add it to the sandwhiches you prepare for yourself and your loved ones or even grate it or incorporate it to the dishes you enjoy to cook!

Rotocol de cașcaval

100% natural
Combined Shape aged up to 30 days
from pasteurised milk

Coming in small wheels of 280 g, packed in fine thin paper, Rotocol de cașcaval completes the cheese range of Lăptăria cu caimac products.

Aged up to 30 days, it is a soft cheese, with velvety, rich texture in natural crust.

With milky, creamy and delicate taste, slightly salted, Rotocol de cașcaval fits any moment of the day and any taste bud!

It works great both for breakfast for children or adults, on a nice grilled sandwich or for a snack cut in dice alongside with grissini breadsticks, tomatoes or olives. Or you can simply add it in various oven-baked recipes, shredded over pan-cooked food and even as fried coated with bread crumbs. What’s your favourite?


100% Romanian natural product
2,3% fat
375 g

100% natural, Ayran from Lăptăria cu caimac is a salty yogurt drink with oriental origins. It is a refreshing drink, satisfies hunger and thirst, and is ideal for accompanying oriental-inspired dishes, whether sweet or spicy! It can be enjoyed plain or flavored with herbs such as mint, basil, but always served cold. We’ve also tried it with some Romanian sausages and it is as flavorful!

Milky, the butter

100% Romanian natural product
80% fat
150 g

Like all our products Milky, the butter is made right here at our place. The sweet and tasty milk which gives its aroma also gives its name. It is perfect in the morning for a fresh loaf of bread spread under a home-made jam, in a croissant or on a heartful plate of pasta. Let’s not forget that one can use it for cakes and ‘mooooper’ tasty confectionary fillings. We recommend you to take it out of the fridge and keep it at room temperature 10 minutes before using so that it has just enough time to gather all its aroma. (we recommend 12-15 Celsius as ideal consumption temperature)

The butter, the one smokey and salty

100% Romanian natural product
80% fat
150 g

Good brother of the milky one, the salty butter has a subtle smoke aroma that you will feel at its best when eaten at 12-15 Celsius. You will find inside it some small black dots, those are salt crystals blackened by smoke. Enjoy it simple or on a toast bread or use it for cooking. You will not fail!

The butter, the wild garlic one

100% Romanian natural product
80% fat
150 g

Third in our butter range is the wild garlic butter. We use Romanian wild garlic in its production, from the spontaneous flora. Tastes just like real garlic but with a special freshness and savor.

The result is a creamy, aromatic and delicious butter that will leave you licking your fingers! Whether you enjoy it simply on bread, with sautéed vegetables, or in a pan with some eggs, our wild garlic butter will surely be the star of your meal. Don’t forget to take it out of the fridge 10 minutes before the meal to fully experience its aroma.

You can find our wild garlic butter on the shelf only during the season when we can find fresh wild garlic.

Sour cream and cheese

100% Romanian natural product
185 g

A perfect combination of fresh cow cheese and rich sour cream, the Sour Cream and Cheese from Lăptăria cu Caimac is creamy, fluffy, and finger-licking good! Whether you’re craving a quick snack, want to take the classic MBS to the next level, or want to prepare a sophisticated recipe, the taste will certainly win you over.

Lăptăria’s Cheese with Sour Cream is 100% natural, with no preservatives, stabilizers, or other additives. It is delicious, with a creamy texture that is perfect for spreading. A treat in a jar!

“Molcut” yogurt

100% natural, Romanian product
4,5% fat
190 g, 400 g

Molcuț yogurt is a creamy yogurt with a taste that will automatically bring you back to childhood. It has a soft texture that melts in your mouth. It is so creamy that it could be considered a yogurt cream. Molcuț yogurt is available in two sizes, a 190g jar and a family-sized 400g jar.

Cheese of 10 (ready sliced)

100% natural
from pasteurised milk

With a creamy and delicate taste, the Cheese of 10 is suitable for any time of the day and any palate! It’s perfect in a warm grilled sandwich, as it comes ready-sliced. Matured for up to 30 days to offer you a delicious cheese delight!

P.S. We are using 10 liters of milk for 1 kilogram of cheese, so.. it’s a 10!

Kefir Kefir

100% Romanian, natural product
5 %, 1.6% fat
300 g, 375 g

We named it “Kefir Kefir” so you won’t forget that it is among the few dairy products obtained through double fermentation. This step ensures that we enhance the beneficial yeasts and bacteria, producing genuine kefir, following all scientific definitions and with all the benefits that come from a natural and pure product.

Kefir is known as an excellent natural probiotic. Kefir Kefir is obtained through a controlled process of double fermentation: fermentation by lactic bacteria and fermentation based on specific yeasts. It is through these two types of fermentation that kefir acquires the properties for which it is widely recognized.