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EVERGENT Investments acquired a 5.1126% stake in Agroserv Măriuța SA, the company that owns the dairy brand Lăptaria cu Caimac, a transaction brokered by BT Capital Partners (BTCP), the investment banking and capital markets division of the Financial Group Banca Transilvania. The transaction was made at a price of 60 lei / share, the sellers being Mădălina Cocan, one of the founders, who sold a 3.5% stake in a hill-type transaction, as well as other investors in the market.

Following the acquisition of over 5% of the share capital by EVERGENT Investments, the three founders of Agroserv Măriuţa – Mădălina Cocan, Adrian Cocan and Serban Nicușor – together hold a package of 71.6% of the company’s shares, the remaining 23.4% representing freely tradable shares.